Body image and social media


Social media can be a lot of different things. From a platform to market your business, a place to keep in touch with family and friends, or the biggest source of our unhappiness. In this digital era, it’s becoming harder to be comfortable and love yourself. Read this article to know why and how is it unhealthy and how to deal with the negative effect of social media.

Unhealthy thoughts

boredHave you ever just look at someone else’s profile and think how cool their life is? The answer is probably often. But there is one thing that occurs even more frequent which is comparing your body to all the perfect Instagram and Facebook pictures of your friends, celebrities, and famous people on the platform. This can lead to many dangerous paths like self-hate, to sadness, depression, low self-esteem, and even eating disorders. Usually, it starts with feeling unsatisfied with ourselves and looking for a quick way to look the way we want to. Then we begin to try different diets, or worse is to limit our food consumption. People would go far to try and lose weight to the point that they might consider agitating their food, which can lead to bulimia. The worse part is people often don’t realize that they have eating disorders until someone told them so, read more about eating disorders to have a better understatement of what it is, the signs, how to deal with it and to avoid it from happening.

Nothing is as it seems

take a photoThis statement is essential to keep in your mind. Nothing or most of the things in life is not what it seems. It can be hard to remember this when we are looking at other people’s post and pictures thinking they have it all. Mainly an image can be deceiving in making you feel the way the person that posted the picture wanted you to. Do remember that there is a lot of editing and tricks in taking a single picture. Certain angles can make you look a certain way and think about how hard people try to get ‘the perfect picture.’ And customarily perfect means skinny and lean. There have been some models on Instagram that reveal how their pictures are taken, that they skip a meal before that, took hundreds of picture and it even goes through editing process first. So next time you look at someone’s post, remember about this and don’t fall for it.

Take a break and work on your confidence

iy3cbgrl8o7You ARE beautiful. And if it’s hard for you to believe that, then you should probably take a break from the internet. Many studies have shown how healthy it is to create some distance from social media and do activities that don’t involve looking at someone else’s life. The thing that most people forgot or don’t know is confidence is the key. Someone can be beautiful or handsome but without confidence, they wouldn’t look as great. Ever wonder why there are so many thick models that are changing the fashion world in 2017 and how? The answer is confidence. This is not an easy thing to work with, but if you put real effort than it is life changing. And being confident does not mean that you are not going to have insecurities, you will learn to accept your insecurities and deal with them. Self-love can be a tough and long journey but I recommend you to give it a try because you deserve it.

Support system

girlsThis is the number one thing that will push you forward in trying to have a better body image of yourself. Let go of all toxic people in your life; they are not worth keeping around, and you will have better friends. Surrounding yourself with a good and reliable support system will help you big time to be more positive about your body. All humans need support and validation from others. If you happen not to know anyone that is positive and supportive, there are a lot of ways to find them. Go to a support group, join a community of a hobby that you like, and if you are searching right, you can also find a support group on the internet. But don’t forget that you must be your supporter as well, it’s crucial to think more positive about ourself because if not then the support of other people can mean nothing.


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