Buy promotional pens to advertise your business or service


chiliOne of the simplest, and cheapest ways to advertise your business or service is promotional pens.

Using these free gifts is a great way to boost awareness of your company or service without incurring the high costs of other marketing campaigns such as advertising in print or online publications, poster campaigns, or even paid for entries in local business directories.

What are the main benefits of using pens to promote your business?

Well, first of all they are cheap. There are dozens of suppliers available who specialize in printing your company’s logo and contact details on pens, most of whom offer a range of pricing packages that mean you should always be able to find a product that meets your marketing budget.

Suppliers tend to require you to buy in bulk, but don’t let that put you off. A bulk order can comprise anything from a few hundred promotional items, through to the thousands if required. Clearly the price you pay will vary depending on the amount you order, so it could be worth considering stock-piling items for use as an ongoing marketing tool.

promotional_penThe low cost of pens as an advertising tool makes them particularly suitable for start-up businesses and enterprises that may face marketing budget restrictions in their early days.

Beyond the low cost, promotional pens also provide a clear benefit in terms of long-term marketing relative to one-off advertising or media campaigns. Given their size, pens are easily passed between people, making it likely that your company’s details will be seen by a far larger audience than originally targeted.

The approach also removes some of the uncertainty of traditional marketing campaigns. For example, if you place an advert in print or online, you face an uncertain return on your investment because you are relying on people actually …