Choosing the Right Cricket Bat

cricket bat

Cricket is a very interesting game to watch and play. A cricket bat is one of the vital essential of the game. There are many cricket bats available out there like kookaburra cricket bats that differ in quality and make. Choosing the right cricket bat can make all the difference between an enjoyable game and an ordinary game.

The mistake that most people make is choosing a cricket bat that is not the right size. For instance, there are cricket bats for children as well as cricket bats for adults. This means that they are made to meet the specific needs of each.

Picking the right cricket bat for you

Size of the batcricket bat

Two people who have different heights cannot use the same type of bat. If you are shorter, you require a bat that will fit your height. On the other hand, if you are tall, you will require a longer bat that won’t make your strain when playing. When you go to the chart of bat sizes, you will be able to find the length of bat that is about your size to make it easier for you to play without discomfort.

Type of willow

There are traditionally two types of willow, the English willow and the Kashmir willow. The two willows are different depending on where they are made. The English willow like the name suggest is made from England while the Kashmir willow is made in India.

The English Willow is known for strength and durability and also the efficiency in playing. On the other hand, the Kashmir willow is a bit heavy and clumsy when playing.

Weight of tcricket bathe bat

When you try to find the weight of your suitable for you, the best thing is to try and find out what your …