The Importance Of Sleep & How It Affects Your Health


Being healthy is not all about eating the right food in the recommended portions and exercising. Many other things include being healthy like sleep. Sleep is necessary for the body to rest and rejuvenate itself.

Importance of sleep and how it affects your health

Longer life

Sleep is important for one to live longer. However, one needs to have just enough sleep this is especially true to kids and learning how to get kids to sleep earlier is important to parents . Too much or too little sleep is also harmful to your health. Although there is a recommended number of sleeping hours, it is necessary that one listens to their body and see how many hours of sleep they need. For someone, eight hours sleep is enough for their day to be productive while others need six. One should find out their body’s need so that they can establish a pattern for their body.women

Improved memory

Being asleep does not mean that one is inactive. Despite being at rest, the mind still runs performing other functions. During sleeping, the mind strengthens its memory or helps in the consolidation of the new skills learned when one was awake. This may be most necessary for students who have had lessons during the day and have upcoming exams. It is also for the working people who have learned a skill that they will be expected to use on the project they are working on.

Fights inflammation

Inflammation has often been linked to stroke, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and even pre mature aging. Research has it that people who get little sleep of like less than six hours have more inflammatory proteins than those who have more sleep. It is common for people with inflammations to show improvements in their health after getting enough sleep. Blood pressure also improves upon treatment of sleep disorders like apnea.

Enhances creativity

Creativity is necessary for today’s life. It involves looking at things differently and coming up with something new out of the ordinary. Having enough rest has also been linked to creativity. Creativity is necessary for everyone and not only those who are involved in arts. Besides improving memory when one is asleep, sleep also helps the brain to reorganize and restructure itself leading to improved creativity. Improved creativity is also as a result of the strengthened emotional components which spurs the creativity process.

Better performance

womenThis is more so for people who are involved in physically intense activities like being an athlete. While resting the body get rid of the fatigue giving them stamina while they are on the tracks. One will surely wake up energized. Sleep is also necessary for swimmers who want to perform better. One can easily sleep their way to their championship but after training.

Being healthy needs one to focus on overall wellness. They should eat balanced meals comprising of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. This should then be crowned with some exercises. After that, they should crown their day with at least six hours of sleep daily before undertaking their next day’s activities to allow their bodies rejuvenate.

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